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Is The Mediterranean Diet Really A Diet?

Ever wonder why it’s so easy to eat healthier in the summer? Perhaps it’s the fresh fruits and vegetables that surround us in summer. I do find that all the veggies and fruits from my favorite farm stand, which I know were picked the morning I bought them, taste better than anything I can buy [&...


This Exercise Is Better Than Fireworks!

In the US, nothing says summer is here like the 4th of July celebration! Here on the lake, people begin setting off firecrackers two weeks before, and most years, they continue until Labor Day! Not sure why, since we have our own professional display every year. Every year the property owner’s ass...


Treats For Mother’s Day

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day in the United States – are you ready? What I have found over the years is that the item that many grown kids think is Mom’s favorite gift, is not really what she’d like to have the most. In spite of what Hallmark tells us, maybe flowers aren’t her [&helli...