Childhood Memories of snow and laughter!

Winter’s first snow arrived last week here in the Berkshires. A pretty white blanket to cover the hard brown ground all around. Remember when we were kids and we’d get so excited for the first snow? I remember putting on our snowsuits and running outside with my brothers to lie down in the snow and…

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Thanksgiving – what are you MOST thankful for?

This week is Thanksgiving in the US, a time for us all to remember the many things that we are grateful for. Here’s my list of the Top Seven Things I Am Grateful For: My kids, they are such a blessing in my life My lovely home on the lake, way out in the boondocks…

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What do diet and exercise have to do with pain remedies?

Happy November! Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I recently received a question asking what all this information about food and daily exercise has to do with my expertise in ways to end chronic pain. This is a good question! Firstly, food is medicine. The more we all hear that, and understand that, the sooner…

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It’s Emotional Awareness Month – Let’s Talk About Confidence!

Hello from the winterscape in East Otis! Okay, not really, but, Brrrrrrrr anyway! Did you know that October is Emotional Wellness Month? Who knew there was a whole month dedicated to our emotional health? I’m very happy that there is, though. Many of us still have old programming from childhood that holds us back from…

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Women Over 50 Weight Loss

Women Over 50 Weight Loss Success!

Hello to fall! Wow, it’s definitely arrived. Trees everywhere are dropping leaves of all colors, making a colorful carpet for walking adventures! Fall has always been a prelude to the Holiday Season for me. Halloween in a couple of weeks, a few weeks after that, Thanksgiving, and then, before we can blink, Christmas! Each year…

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women over 50

Suicide is on the rise with adults over 65!

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. When we think about suicide, we often associate teenagers with suicide attempts, however, something for us to be aware of are the statistics on senior and elderly suicides. Suicides in older adults is on the rise and this fact has not seen much publicity. Older adults are about 12% of…

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