Know What’s Causing You To Lose Your Hair?

Know What’s Causing You To Lose Your Hair? February 20, 2020Leave a comment

Ladies – Not only does stress play a large role in causing our skin to age faster, our brain to lose grey matter, and weight gain that we don’t want, but did you know stress causes us to lose our hair as well?

Stress can make your hair follicles go into a “resting” phase. When this happens, they don’t produce new hair strands. Over time, your hair will fall out quite easily, sometimes even by simply washing, combing, or touching it.

Chronic stress can also cause our own immune system to attack our hair follicles. Great, huh?

Right now, in the US, our political climate is extremely stressful. Hate-mongering on both sides of the fence, and our current president tweeting mean, racists, and sometimes ridiculous statements daily. I can feel tension in my gut before I read any news reports at all. Women everywhere are talking about how worried we are about war, loss of health insurance or livelihood, and the list goes on.

So, what’s a gal to do?


Meditation and Exercise!

Exercise of any kind – a Yoga class, running, biking, or anything that you enjoy is fabulous for sweating out those stress hormones and releasing endorphins (feel good hormones) into the body.

A daily habit of meditating is such a gift! Study after study has shown that regular meditators have increased blood flow to the brain, grow more grey matter, and perform better on cognitive tests than non-meditators. Regular meditators enjoy more clarity and peace of mind.

Take care of YOU! Learn to meditate today!

I teach a course that includes 5 different ways to meditate and right now I’m adding in more techniques to deal with the added stress of the current political climate.  More information HERE!

Remember – this situation is temporary!

Take care of YOU so that you have the strength and clarity to continue when the “Trump Era” is over.

Best of Health,


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