Would you like to:

  • Have more energy every day?
  • Get better sleep (or at least SOME sleep) at night?
  • Improve your immune function?
  • Reduce those nasty little stress hormones running around in your body causing premature aging?

Do You Believe that meditation is too difficult for most people and, perhaps, impossible for you?

Let me teach you how to meditate YOUR WAY, today. It’s easier than you think!

In this course, you will receive 6 weeks of personalized training, with an experienced teacher who has been training people to meditate for many years, so that YOUR meditation becomes a simple, enjoyable process that meets all your needs for time restrictions, physical comfort, and better health – Sound Good?

As YOUR personalized meditation practice takes shape, you’ll feel a deep sense of calm, much less stress, more joy and confidence, and you’ll be proud of yourself for taking this step toward a healthier, happier YOU!

Since COVID, many people have lived in “stress mode” all the time! On top of that, all over the globe social injustices continually dominate the news, and wars are being waged. All this stress lowers our immune function, makes sleep elusive, and makes it nearly impossible to lose any weight! YIKES!

The good news it that Meditation can help!

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6 Mondays, at 11am Eastern,

starting soon!

Gift certificates are always available – Give Mom a gift she’ll enjoy for years to come!

Here’s what some previous students have said about this course:

“Meditation has saved my life in recent weeks! My very healthy husband who works out at the gym, takes Pilates from Kathi, and eats relatively healthy had a major heart attack! It was several weeks of the bumpiest road you can imagine, yet, I was able to meditate, at least for a few minutes, in waiting rooms, sitting in the car, walking in a park or courtyard, and it’s the one thing that helped me keep my sanity! I can’t thank you enough!” — Andrea B

“Since taking your course, I’ve begun meditating as part of my daily routine. I find it leads naturally into prayer for me. Through use of these tools and others you’ve taught us, my daily life is enriched and I am more joyful!” — Jeanne U

“I really believed that I would never be able to quiet my mind enough to meditate, but Kathi helped me figure the best meditation practice for me and now I meditate every day! She also explained that it’s pretty normal to not be able to quiet my mind completely. It’s simply a matter of bringing yourself back to your practice when you find your mind wandering. No one ever explained that to me before! I used to beat myself up and think I’d never be able to get it. Kathi’s right – meditation truly is easier than many of us think.” — Melissa H

“I thought you had to have your eyes closed to meditate correctly, but Kathi showed me that my afternoon ritual of fifteen minutes for cloud gazing actually is MY meditation! With her guidance, I have expanded on that, and it has made a world of difference in my daily life. Thanks Kathi.” — Dave B

A daily twenty-minute meditation is easier than you think with the tools I can teach you. You see, unlike some meditation teachers, I know that one size does not fit all. Every Body is different and so is Every Mind! What works for you, may not work as well for your sister or cousin.

My personalized meditation training is a six-week course where you learn 5 different ways to meditate. Each week, you’ll practice what we’ve learned and by the end of the training, you will have found the perfect meditation FOR YOU!

And, maybe, like Dave, you already have a meditation practice and don’t realize it? Has anyone ever told you that fervent prayer IS meditation? We can work together with a couple of breathing practices that help your mind to slow down a bit and then go right into your prayer – you’ll LOVE this!

This course is a not a recording. It’s a LIVE training, which you can attend via your computer, phone or iPad. With ZOOM meetings, you have the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback, etc. I will be in the room with you on your computer screen, to fully answer all your questions and support you on your journey toward more peace of mind.

A fun way to learn!

Next Session – Coming Soon — Mondays from 11-noon EST

Full Value of this personalized training in my meditation workshop is $599.

Because we’ll be meeting via Zoom, and there’s no travel expenses, or meals involved, I’m offering a discounted price of $297!

That’s half off the full workshop price!

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can reduce your stress, keep dementia away, and recover your zest for life! What a bargain!

I have a limited number of spots available, so act now and your future self will thank you for taking such quick action!

YES! I’m interested. SIGN ME UP!

6 Mondays, at 11am Eastern, starting soon!

Register today and I’ll include these bonuses:

  • 4 designs to print and color from our popular “A Coloring Book For Women” (coloring is meditative!)
  • mp3 of my 10 minute guided meditation!