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Would you like Personalized Training for RELIEF of your Back, Neck, Hip, Knee or Sciatic Nerve Pain?

This is your ticket to pain free living!

Here’s what Stephen has to say:

“I was in such pain when I contacted Kathi that I wasn’t sure anyone could really help me. The first thing she did was find the cause of my pain, which was actually a weak shoulder, even though I was feeling the pain in my back! Kathi got to the bottom of what was causing my pain, designed an exercise program for me that has made my entire spine stronger and healthier and, best of all, NO MORE PAIN!” — Stephen H.

$497 for 5 powerful sessions! Wow! SIGN ME UP!

Your individualized coaching includes:

  • Complete wellness assessment.
  • Analysis of daily patterns that may be aggravating your back, neck, knee or other pain.
  • Creating a crystal clear vision of your ideal physical self.
  • Uncovering the hidden challenges that are sabotaging your efforts.
  • Specific exercises to improve posture and walking patterns.
  • I share everything in my toolbox that could benefit you!

Restore your energy, vitality, and self confidence today!

Hear Kathi give some simple techniques for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief in one of her trainings:

$497 for 5 powerful sessions! Wow! SIGN ME UP!

Here’s a testimonial from a client in South Africa:

“I have been to physiotherapy and I have been given all sorts of exercises to try but nothing has ever worked and I just gave up. When I received your email, I thought “why bother, it’s just going to be like all the rest” but then something (maybe my guardian angel?!!?!) made me click on the link. You don’t know how glad I was when I followed your instructions. The exercise that made the biggest impact was the one lying on your back with your legs on the couch. For the few minutes that I lay like that, there was hardly any pain and as I sit here now typing this message, I feel lighter and a lot more hopeful.”

Thea Barendse, South Africa

Chase those grandkids around like Jackie!

$459 for 5 powerful sessions! Wow! SIGN ME UP!

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