About Reiki/Healing Touch

Reiki and Healing Touch are healing practices that balance the body’s subtle energy, resulting in better health. These energy therapies have lately been labeled the “medicine of the future” and while that is gratifying for those of us who use them, the truth is that these therapies have been around for many hundreds of years and have been used as medicine in the East for centuries. The West is just now catching up and these therapies are gaining new respect within the medical community.

For instance:

  • Noted heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz who prides himself in being open to anything had some of his patients try Reiki before and after surgery and found that those who took advantage of the Reiki sessions healed much quicker, and needed less pain medication than those who did not, so he routinely recommends Reiki or Healing Touch now to his heart patients.
  • Nurses brought Healing Touch into hospitals several years ago in Florida and many of these hospitals now routinely recommend pre and post op Healing Touch sessions as patients recover more quickly and with less side effects!
  • In another scientific study, 12 patients at the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease were given Reiki treatments, while another 12 were not. Cognitive skills were measured before and after in each group. The group that received energy healing regained some of their cognitive skills! Now that’s pretty cool.

Here’s how a session goes:

Practitioners hold their hands over the energy centers (chakras) of your body while you are lying on a massage table. While this is happening, you may feel a little heat in the area being worked on, or a tingling sensation, but always, you feel more and more relaxed and even fall asleep for part of the session. When your session is over, you will feel a general sense of well being. Sometimes you may notice that a nagging headache is gone, or a pain somewhere else in your body that was there earlier is gone. This is because when your energy centers are unblocked and flowing freely, your body can more easily come to a state of homeostasis (normalized physiological processes)

I am a Reiki Master who is also certified in Healing Touch and have been practicing for more than ten years.

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