Learn To Meditate

Let me teach you how to meditate today.
It’s easier than you think - no pretzel bending at all!

Meditation is a way to focus your attention inward and find peace of mind. Check out Anderson Cooper's investigation into the benefits of Mindfulness!

How would you like to:

  • Increase mental clarity and enjoy a calm, peaceful mind?
  • Lower your blood pressure without harmful medication?
  • Get better sleep (or at least SOME sleep) at night?
  • Improve your immune function?
  • Reduce those nasty little stress hormones?
  • Have more energy and less fatigue?
  • Reduce menopause symptoms?

Meditation has been shown to improve the cerebral blood flow in the frontal lobe, which helps us hang onto our memories and keep the dementia demon away! 

In recent years meditation and or mindfulness has become mainstream in Western society. It is a tool used by many for personal development and growth. Top employers like Google, Facebook, Apple and more offer meditation training through employee benefits.Western physicians today recommend meditation for the many proven health benefits.

I offer two types of meditation training:

1) A daily twenty minute practice, which is easier than you think with the tools I can teach you. You see, unlike most other meditation teachers, I believe that one size does not fit all. EveryBody is different and so is every mind! What works for you, may not work as well for your sister. My training is an eight week program where you will learn at least 6 different ways to meditate. Each week, you'll practice what we've learned and by the end of the training, you will have found the perfect technique FOR YOU!

$450.00 / 8 personalized sessions

This Month's Special - $350!!!

Now, THAT's a bargain!  SIGN ME UP!


2) Kirtan Kriya a twelve minute daily meditation practice that the Alzheimer's Association recommends as an Alzheimer's prevention - more information HERE