Cold Weather Eating Habits

Cold Weather Eating Habits September 9, 2015Leave a comment

Shoulder Bridge updatedI plan to keep this body that I have been blessed with in good shape, and in keeping with that thought, I’ll be moving into my fall eating pattern soon. Yogic traditions recommend eating seasonally, as that aligns our body with nature, and is the way to better health. I am one of those who eats seasonally, mostly because my body recognizes this is what it needs. I absolutely LOVE leafy greens and fresh beans, strawberries, etc. in the summer, but as fall brings in the colder weather I begin to crave more root vegetables and heartier soups and stews. Breakfast changes from yogurt with fruit and nuts to oatmeal with fruit and nuts. Since oatmeal is much less expensive than goat yogurt, I’ll be saving a little cash as well!

Here’s a favorite recipe for a fall veggie – Enjoy!

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