After COVID – What Will YOUR New Normal Be?

After COVID – What Will YOUR New Normal Be? March 21, 2021Leave a comment

Has the Covid physical distancing, school and work from home, restaurants doing take-out only, changed your way of thinking about “normal”? Do you have some ideas about a “new normal” for yourself?

For sure, 2020 was not a normal year…

Let’s set aside a bit of time this week to look closely at how we were living pre COVID, what has changed during this epidemic, and what we’d like to continue after COVID ends.

Make three columns on a sheet of paper and really think about life during the past year. Set up your columns Before, Now, After Covid. Then just let yourself write for several minutes in those columns. Yes, we all miss hugging our friends, grandchildren, etc., but is there anything that’s been good for us?

For instance, pre COVID, I had changed my schedule so that I’d have one day less driving each week and I loved having that extra day to take a class, walk with friends, etc. Then distancing happened and all the hours that I’d spent driving to and from classes stopped. My gas tank is still full from four weeks ago; my little Prius doesn’t use much gas at all going to the Post Office to get my mail once a week! I started teaching my same schedule through Zoom, but I’ve added a new class, and now also offer some people two classes a week. I’m enjoying teaching from my studio, and am able to offer more classes now, and I like that.

I’ve seen many more people out walking, hiking, and biking this year – even through the winter. I’ve been able to do more walking/hiking, myself, and want to keep that in my schedule.

Many people who were part timers here in Otis have moved here full time and will stay here and work virtually from now on. That will certainly change our quiet little town.

My garden will be much larger this year, and provide more yield, so we’ll enjoy even more fresh veggies this year! I started a hügelkultur (a type of raised bed that provides more yield) in the fall and I’ll finish it as soon as the snow melts. I just never had time for that before, but now…

Gardening is one meditative experience, and, during COVID, more people have also been learning to meditate, or experiencing forest bathing (a type of walking meditation.) These are all great stress relief practices. Lots of us have been taking advantage of having the time during COVID quarantine to research stress relief practices. Everyone I know who has some kind of regular meditation practice says that their life changed dramatically since they started meditating. Taking the time to look within oneself makes us more creative, less anxious, more productive, and – BONUS, keeps our brain healthier. Carving out 20 minutes a day for your own meditation practice is absolutely the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. If you don’t have a meditation practice and want to learn, check out my meditation training, coming up soon. I teach six different ways to meditate so that you can find the perfect practice for YOU!

HERE is a link for more information on my Meditation Training.

Take some time this week to contemplate what you’d like to see or do in your life after COVID. Many states are loosening the restrictions a bit at a time, now, and perhaps we’ll see an end to most of them by summer, so let’s prepare now for what we want our life to be like then.

Today’s video is tree pose – we’re getting ready for Spring! Please share it with mom or Aunt Sandra, or anyone else who’d love to have it!

Best of Health,


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