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7 Sweet Ideas For Your Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, fellow Boomers! The first thing I thought about when Valentine’s Day was coming around again is that after so many years together, it’s difficult to find a gift that is different or “inspired.” So, of course, I did a bit of research and found some cool ideas to share...


How Does Having Fun Keep Dementia Away?

Today, on my way home from a class, I heard a Ted Talk about how engineers are using their skills in medical fields now; as an example, to figure out how a surgeon can re-wire the nerves in someone’s arm that was lost in an accident, so that the prosthetic arm and hand works the […]


Are You Living With An Invisible Illness?

Recently, one of my students was having some shoulder and arm pain, and her primary care physician was not able to help her. She asked if I had any ideas. Well, since I also knew that she’d been having some trouble with swollen feet and ankles recently, (which her doc told her was due to […...


Your Back Pain Is NOT In Your Head Or, Is It?…

Almost everyone deals with back pain at some time during their life, and sometimes, when the reason is not obvious, we can be made to feel like we are imagining it. BUT, usually, we are not. Certainly, there are times when physiological pain can be exacerbated by a stressful situation, but in this d...