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Are You Living With An Invisible Illness?

Recently, one of my students was having some shoulder and arm pain, and her primary care physician was not able to help her. She asked if I had any ideas. Well, since I also knew that she’d been having some trouble with swollen feet and ankles recently, (which her doc told her was due to […...


What Is a Healthy Fat and HOW MUCH Is a Serving?

I often get asked about fat free diets and what is a good vs. bad fat. Also, people don't seem to know what a serving truly is. So, I have put together some info for you today that is short and sweet and easy to remember. You can even print this and keep it in […]


Breathing is Underrated!

You probably didn't know that next week is National Capture the Sunset Week. Personally, I don't believe anyone could actually capture something as beautiful as the sunset. Here in Otis, we have gorgeous sunsets every night all year long. I have attempted many times to photograph this natural beauty...


Have You Heard of International Yoga Day?

Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago, now that's staying power! On December 11, 2014, The United Nations declared June 21, to be International Yoga Day. This date was selected because it is the longest day of the year and holds special significance in many cultures. Cool! It's also pretty ...


Balance an Egg on its tip on the Solstice!

My Aunt Millie could balance an egg on its end on the summer Solstice. She insisted that everyone could do it, but only on that day. As kids, we could never manage it at all. As an adult, I looked it up, and sure enough, you should be able to do this; BUT on any […]


Shoulder Problems? Here’s Relief!

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US. Thoughts and prayers for all the families whose sons, daughters, brothers, or fathers, etc., never came home from a war. My prayers are that peace will happen in our lifetime and this loss of life will stop. Current tensions in world politics are not the only re...


Bountiful Mosquitoes & Ticks Again This Year – Yuk!

This year scientist are predicting we'll be inundated with insects - oh, joy! I was out doing some gardening this past weekend, and the mayflies were abundant! They don’t bite, but are quite annoying as they fly into your nose, ears, eyes, mouth – YUK! I didn’t see any mosquitoes yet, but they...