Healthy 2nd Acts – Are YOU Ready?

Healthy 2nd Acts – Are YOU Ready? January 27, 2020Leave a comment

The other day I was reading an article about all the people who are turning 65 in the next several years and I was delighted with the some of the statistics in the piece!

In the past, 65 was heralded as “retirement” age. Recently many “doom and gloom” news stories have been shared all over the press and social media, warning that the Baby Boomer population would be hitting peak retirement soon, and of the strain that would put on the healthcare system. Blah, blah, blah…

But – news flash – we are not retiring! By continuing to work and staying socially engaged, we Boomers, embarking on our new adventure as the “young old,” are changing the world and all the old paradigms associated with age. I LOVE it!

We are healthier at this age than any generation before us, and busier! We are keeping our minds and bodies engaged and so are our friends! In fact, airlines report that this generation is the fastest growing group of travelers. No sitting around in slippers, reading the paper till noon for us! Thinking of my friends right now, several ride bikes for 2+ hours several times a week. Some teach 4-6 fitness classes a week. Others are writing books, starting blogs or small businesses, or consulting for corporations. No one that I know is waiting to stop “work” and stay home. For myself, I LOVE what I do and plan to continue until the day I leave the planet.

Even Oprah Winfrey has tossed out her scale to focus on being her healthiest self, which may or may not include a certain maximum weight! For her, that’s a huge paradigm shift!

All of this will mean drastic changes in healthcare, which, in my opinion are long overdue! Prevention has always been the key to remaining healthy at any age, and now, changes will need to be made to the system that currently covers so little preventative care. We Boomers will provide the evidence and the momentum to see these changes made.

Are you thinking of retiring soon? Will you keep working, even part time for many more years? Or, maybe you’ll be one of the many of our generation going back to college so that you can pursue that dream of yours to own a business?

Go for it!

And if you’re ready to discover that dream you’d like to pursue, whether it’s a fitness goal, or writing a book, or letting go of a fear of travel, or simply releasing old limiting beliefs, I can help you successfully usher in your second act! Contact me with your questions.  Let’s DO THIS!

Best of Health,


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