Hippocrates Recipe For Viruses Like Covid-19!

Hippocrates Recipe For Viruses Like Covid-19! March 23, 2020Leave a comment

Our generation has not faced anything like this Covid-19 epidemic before, so, naturally, we’re a bit scared, worried, or stressed. It’s OK to feel those feelings and acknowledge them.

We must make sure that we are taking care of ourselves and our family so that we have the best chance of keeping the virus away. I know that I always feel better when I am taking some kind of action. So, today’s newsletter gives examples of simple actions that you can take to keep yourself as healthy as possible right now, and reduce those stress hormones that can interfere with your immune system.

Spend time outside in the sunshine or walking in your yard. If you have a wooded area where you can hike a bit – even better, and hug a tree! I miss hugging my family and friends, but a tree works for me, at least for now!

Take extra Vitamin C to help boost your immune system. My colleague Dr. Mark Hyman earlier this week recommended taking 500-1000 mg a day. I increased my daily dose to 1000 mg. Vitamin C is not something that can harm you when you take extra. Whatever our very intelligent body doesn’t need, we pee out!  😊

Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) is known for its immune-boosting benefits. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates described the elderberry tree as his “medicine chest” Long before modern antibiotics were available, healers considered elderberry juice a valuable treatment for a cold or flu. Many natural healers today consider the elderberry to be one of the most healing plants found in nature.

Research has found that elderberry can significantly reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms. Another study concluded that elderberry has antiviral properties, which can make it a beneficial addition to your cold and flu protocol. This study also found that those participants who took elderberry extract experienced a significant reduction in the duration of their flu symptoms.

Another study concluded that “Travellers using elderberry from 10 days before travel until 4–5 days after arriving overseas, on average, experienced a 2 day shorter duration of the cold and also noticed a reduction in cold symptoms.” When symptoms are reduced, people feel better and have less complications, which makes for a great reason to use elderberry if you already have a compromised immune system, or if you have to travel for work!

Several years ago, when I first researched black elderberry and began making my own elderberry extract, family members rolled their eyes and said no thank you when I offered them some during flu season. With today’s COVID-19 threat, however, and the many healthcare practitioners now recommending elderberry extract, these same family members are asking if I still have some left! Currently I am down to my last bottle! This spring I’ll be planting a black elderberry bush in my yard so that I can make more before the next flu season.

The good news is that it’s now available in most grocery stores, and certainly in all health food stores. You can get elderberry syrup, tincture, and even elderberry tea!

Here’s my recipe if you decide to make your own next season.

Here’s my Facebook Live video with more tools to help keep you as healthy as possible during this epidemic. Join me every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7 pm for more tools!

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