Your Immune System Health Has NEVER Been As Important As Now – COVID-19

Your Immune System Health Has NEVER Been As Important As Now – COVID-19 April 6, 2020Leave a comment

Today is World Health Day – I hope that you are all staying home and staying healthy!

This is a stressful time in our lives, for sure. It’s difficult to find a balance between keeping informed and remaining calm. At this point, we all know someone who is immune compromised – either due to asthma, COPD, heart conditions, cancer treatments, diabetes, etc. That makes it natural for us to be concerned for their safety, as well as ourselves and our family members safety. In my case, Ned is in the grocery business, therefore he continues to serve customers every day – everyone needs to eat! The store is limiting the number of customers in the building so that people can attempt to keep to the six foot distance recommendations, although it’s nearly impossible to hand someone a sandwich, or a container of pasta salad, etc. from a distance of six feet. We are all simply doing our best to serve others as safely as possible; we’re wearing masks and gloves, washing our hands constantly, not letting anyone come in to work who is coughing or sneezing, etc.

Stress is high. We are all attempting to use humorous Facebook posts, funny videos, games and free concerts to help keep those stress hormones down. I applaud you all for these efforts and hope that you continue taking care of YOU during the duration of the next month or so, while we are keeping physical distance from each other.

In addition, I am offering Facebook Live sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings at 7 pm. In these sessions, I share tools to help boost your immunity, as well as a guided relaxation/meditation to keep your mind healthy and calm and to help release some of those stress hormones from your body. I encourage you to use these and any other tools that so many others are offering on line!

I am also continuing to teach all of my classes via Zoom meetings; the schedule of classes is below in this newsletter. If your own classes have been cancelled, let me know if you’d like to join mine, and I’ll send you the information.

I have had several requests to run my Meditation course again, so I’ll be starting it on Monday April 13th at 4 pm.  Here is a link to sign up at this deeply discounted fee! Check it out.

In today’s video I’m sharing more tools to help you keep as healthy as possible during these times. Please stay safe and as healthy as you can!

Best of Health,


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