Has COVID-19 Changed Your Perspective?

Has COVID-19 Changed Your Perspective? April 20, 2020Leave a comment

Is “Quarantine 2020” causing you to change your perspective on a few things?

Let’s all take this time to look closely at how we were living before COVID-19 and what changed during this epidemic that we might want to keep in our schedules.

Are you finding out that home schoolers are well supported, learn better, and enjoy school more? Does it make you wonder if maybe you’d like to continue doing that next school year? I’ve seen the funny memes on Facebook, about parents having a rough time with home schooling, but I’ve also heard from a few that they’re rethinking their kids schooling.

In January, I changed my schedule so that I’d have one day less driving and for a few months, I loved having that extra day to take a class, walk with friends, etc. Then the quarantine happened.

Currently, my gas tank is still full from four weeks ago; my little Prius doesn’t use much gas at all going to the Post Office to get my mail once a week! I’ve been teaching my same schedule through Zoom and I’ve even added a class and been able to offer some people two classes a week. I’m thinking of keeping one day a week as a Zoom class day after this is over.

Many people are taking more time to walk, hike, bike, or otherwise exercise at home. These are things that have been difficult to fit in before, but now there’s time. When we’re working from home, there’s more time in the day without the commute.

Technology is out there for many more people to work from home then did before this epidemic hit. Maybe your company will take advantage of that and let more people work from home – would you enjoy that?

Are you browsing through museums, virtually, as a family? Or maybe you’re learning a language or taking a course you’ve been wanting for a while.

Garden supply stores are busier than ever in my area, with people getting gardens ready so they can grow at least some of their own food. Most probably never thought they’d have time for that before, but now…

Some assisted living homes are adding Zoom to resident’s rooms so they can see and chat with family. I doubt they’ll take that away afterward, so perhaps a loved one will be able to “visit” with you more often through this medium.

What are you doing differently that you’d like to keep doing when physical distancing isn’t necessary anymore? Take some time to contemplate.

Here’s a short, guided relaxation to help you relax after a stressful day. Please share it with mom or grandma or anyone else who’d love to have it!

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