Is Sleep Impossible for Those over 50?

Is Sleep Impossible for Those over 50? May 31, 2021Leave a comment

I was happy to read that June is National Appreciation month.

An entire month for us to contemplate all that there is to appreciate in our lives.

What’s at the top of YOUR list? There is so much to be grateful for that I feel I could fill an entire notebook!

Here’s my gratitude “shout out” for this moment:

  1. Being with friends and family again, hugging, kissing, sharing food and good times. After so many months, this is what feels the absolute best right now!
  2. Having my daughter here for an extended visit and getting both of my kids together as often as possible while she’s here.
  3. Working in my garden growing food that will be fresh, healthy, and taste delicious.
  4. The absolute best students/clients! Women that I enjoy spending time with, sharing tools with, growing and learning together to become the “wise ones.”
  5. Summer weather and the boating, swimming, fishing, and sunsets over the water that living on a lake provides each day! I am truly Blessed!

And, here’s some good news regarding sleep. There is a connection between keeping a gratitude journal and reducing insomnia. For those of us over 50, this is good news indeed!

In a 2009 study, gratitude journaling was assigned to a group with sleep disorders. Participants with more gratitude reported better quality and longer-lasting sleep than those with less. Gratitude was also associated with reduced time to fall asleep. Plus, the gratitude journaling correlated with less irritability, fatigue, and inability to concentrate during the day. Even though this was a small study, it’s worth a try for sure! If you don’t currently write in a gratitude journal before going to sleep – give it a try for 30 days and see how you feel!

There are many ways to reduce stress and get better sleep. Meditation is another tool that helps with both. Yogic breathing practices also reduce the levels of stress hormones in our body and prepare our body for sleep.

I love sharing these tools with you so if you’d like to work with me privately, to take back your good night’s sleep, drop me an email and book your free 20-minute discovery session to see how I can help you get the sleep you desire!

Meanwhile, here’s a video of a simple breathing exercise to reduce anxiety. Enjoy!

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