New Study Shows Exercise Removes Weak Connections In Your Brain!

New Study Shows Exercise Removes Weak Connections In Your Brain! June 18, 2019Leave a comment

Summer is here at last! Or, it will be in a few days…

Hard to imagine, but last week, some towns near me were preparing for a night of freezing rain – yikes!

We didn’t get it, but, c’mon mother nature – that’s not supposed to happen in the middle of June!

Anyway – I’m very excited that so many of you attended my Low Back Pain Solutions Webinar!

If you missed this fabulous webinar, it’s not too late to register. Although the webinar was last night, it was recorded, so you can still sign up and I’ll send you the recording. I shared tons of information that you won’t want to miss!

Hurry though, the recording will only be available for another 48 hours.

Here is a link to register!

I’m not surprised that a new study out of Japan showed that “Exercise likely enhanced the contrast between active and inactive neuronal connections so that the weak ones could be more easily targeted for removal.” Another good reason to exercise – right?

Speaking of exercise, a couple of months ago, I shared the first in a series of three exercises which I recommend to strengthen all the muscles that surround your spine.  It was my “Simple Crunch.”

These are very powerful strengthening exercises. I have watched many people change their entire body with these three exercises. When you can keep your spine in a tall, yet comfortable position all the time, walking, sitting, driving, etc., everything becomes easier. Your back does not “go out” as often, your breathing is deeper and easier, and your body systems can work together, synergistically, as they are meant to.

Many of the exercises that I give you are stretching exercises, because, in my Three Step Approach to healing back pain, stretching comes before strengthening. It’s much too difficult to attempt to strengthen a muscle that is in pain from too much tension. Stretching first makes the strengthening work better and with less pain!

So, today I’m sharing a video of the second exercise in my strengthening series – Seat Belt Leg Lifts.

I hope you’ve been doing the Simple Crunch for these last several weeks, but, if not, you can begin both of these together. Give it a try – you’ll notice a difference rather quickly.

For Seat Belt Leg Lifts:

  1. Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor about hip width apart. Place your fingers under your butt cheeks with thumbs spread apart so that your tailbone is resting on the floor between your thumbs. This is a modification to be certain that your tailbone stays on the floor.
  2. Bend your knees, then lift your legs up. Straighten your legs as they point to the ceiling.
  3. Slowly lower both legs down toward the floor until you feel your lower abs beginning to activate. This will be your starting and stopping point for the rest of the exercise.
  4. Now slowly lower your legs down a little more on an inhale, then, just as slowly, bring them back to your starting point on your exhale. Work up to 10 repetitions.

Please watch the video first as it will be easier to do these after you see me doing them.

In Simple Crunch, we strengthened the muscles under the rib cage which help us to stand tall.

In today’s exercise, we are strengthening the lower abs. In our third exercise we’ll get to the lateral ab muscles.

Add these to your weekly schedule – at least twice a week and you’ll begin to feel the difference in as little as 30 days! Do them more often and feel it sooner.

As always, wishing you the Best of Health,


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