Can Modern Technology End Food Shortages?

Can Modern Technology End Food Shortages? July 12, 2019Leave a comment

Yay, it’s summertime in the Berkshires!

Fresh produce stands are up in all the towns and farmers markets are filling up with lettuces, summer squashes, tomatoes, cukes, and more. I LOVE summer!

My own garden is coming along. I’ll have lettuces ready by the end of the week, and we’ve already picked and eaten fresh swiss chard, kale, basil, and parsley – Yum!

We have a short season here in the Berkshires, but with modern technology, I suspect that will be changing soon. Here are some good news stories about how some very creative people are making a difference in areas where fresh food is scarce! This is the way we can make big changes in the world – one small step at a time, in one area, until everyone has enough fresh food for themselves and their family.

This school, in Brooklyn, NY, has students growing a hydroponic garden on the third floor and the produce is available for any students who want it – year round! In NY, where winter can be harsh, that’s a real bonus!

And, in Chicago, an organization called Urban Growers Collective, refurbishes old city buses, converts them into mobile produce stands, and brings fresh fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods without access to fresh produce. The goal of the organization is to “make nutritional food more accessible and affordable, create economic opportunities, and break systemic patterns.” What a great idea!

Let’s take a minute, now, to look at our own relationship with food. Ask yourself a few questions, and, perhaps, make a small change or two that will improve your diet and overall health.

Do you fill 2/3 of your plate each mealtime with fruits and veggies? If not, can you try it for a week?

Do you eat items like avocados and coconut oil, which are extremely important for getting healthy fats into our bodies?

Do you try new or different foods regularly, like bok choy, quinoa, and edamame? Foods that are high in nutrition like these, help to increase our energy!

How about a food challenge?

I’m going to fill my plate, at each meal, 2/3 veggies or fruit for the next 7 days, and I challenge all of you to join me!

And, for those of you, who, like myself, will soon be picking green beans and other veggies by hand, (and because some of you have requested it) here’s a video to ease wrist pain!

Best of Health,


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