15 Minute Fitness Challenge!

15 Minute Fitness Challenge! January 7, 2015Leave a comment

Have you done a 30 Day Challenge yet? They’re quite popular, and fun! They’re also a great way to start a new workout plan because when you complete anything for 30 days, you have a much better chance of making it a permanent new habit; so let’s get started!

Here’s my recommendation for those of you who find it difficult to eek out enough time for a workout: take just fifteen minutes a day, for a minimum of five days a week, during the next 30 days, and complete a new workout program. Chose one that works as much of the body as possible, and one that flows easily, so you don’t have to try to remember a lot of sequencing. It’s better to do the plan for a few days, then take one day off and repeat this process. If you take two days off in a row, it’s more difficult to get back into it, so not more than one rest day at a time. You can go six days a week if you’d prefer, for the maximum benefit.

Here is the workout I’ve chosen for you. It’s a five minute series, repeated three times, so you get your fifteen minutes in. It’s a good program for those of you who are not regulars at the gym or who have skipped workouts during your vacation.

I challenge you to complete this, or another program of your choice, for the next 30 days. Then let me know how you feel and if you’re ready for another challenge!

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