Action Steps for Loving Kindness

Action Steps for Loving Kindness January 25, 20212 Comments

Kindness is my word for 2021, so, for today’s newsletter, here is a bit of good news to begin your day. I chose this article because January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness month, and undergoing cancer treatments is awful and expensive. This article highlights how one person’s act of kindness can make a difference.

Last week included both Martin Luther King Day and the inauguration of President Biden in the US.

For me, it was also a week of looking within. A week of questioning: am I one of those people that Dr. King mentioned who sit back and let others take action? Is there anything more that I can do here in my community to stop the hate. Are there more ways that I can spread kindness?

I lead a group of advanced meditators who meditate twice a week with me on Zoom. We practice global peace meditations, or loving kindness meditations, and we always include the people who need our love the most – those who spread hate and harm others. I also offer meditations twice a week on Facebook Live where we send love and healing to all of humanity. I have included one of those below for your pleasure.

But there are times when I wonder if that’s enough. What else can I actively do?

On Martin Luther King Day, I attended a training from the NIOT (Not in our town) organization, and discovered that even in my community racial bias is a big problem. I knew there were pockets of racial bias in some of the towns here, but, for instance, I had no idea that someone at our local high school was threatened with lynching a few months ago.

The good news, I discovered, is that our local NIOT is actually NIOC (Not in my COUNTY). This is very appropriate here in our community of small towns with regional schools, etc. AND, there are programs being taught to local school children with age activities that help young children recognize characteristics like courage, wisdom, truth, faith, etc. in others and then discuss how each individual can model that strength in their own lives. I know that the changes in our thinking must start with education, and at an early age, so I’m happy that this is taking place in my community.

Also, the group has lawn signs, bumper stickers, badges for your computer, social media posts to share and much more. There are studies that have shown that when someone sees a lawn sign, or badge, etc. they feel safer in that neighborhood. I live at the end of a dirt road that no one drives by, so I never put up signs that no one will see, but I can most definitely share some social media with the appropriate hash tags.

I will continue to learn more about what can actively be done in my own community to stop hate, and if you’d like to learn more about this organization, here is a link to the national organization.  Find out if there’s a local group where you live!

And, if you’d like to join our Facebook Live Meditations, and send peace and loving kindness, they can be found here:

Below is a recording of one of my Facebook Live Meditations – Enjoy!

Self care is something I talk about often in these posts, mostly because I have found that many women do not care enough for themselves, are too busy caring for everyone else, and then become ill themselves.

It occurred to me last week as I delved within, that these meditations I lead, classes I teach, and group coaching I offer, not only help people to take better care of themselves, but to share loving kindness within their families, friends and community. I am grateful for that.

Best of Health,



  1. Thank you Kathi for your gift with this video guiding me into a still relaxed place with breath and relaxation and eventually giving out via thought and intention to others in need of a similar quietness. Thank you!

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