Top 7 Exercises To STOP Low Back Pain!

Top 7 Exercises To STOP Low Back Pain! September 24, 2018Leave a comment

Lower Back Pain Remedy


Today, I am excited to announce the re-release of my multimedia course, “Top 7 Exercises To Prevent Low Back Pain.”

I have helped thousands of people get rid of their back pain. Here’s what Stephen has to say about my program:

“I was in such pain when I contacted Kathi that I wasn’t sure anyone could really help me. Kathi got to the bottom of what was causing my pain, designed an exercise program for me that has made my entire spine stronger and healthier and, best of all, NO MORE PAIN!”  Stephen H.

Nobody has to live with back pain or take dangerous opioids the rest of their lives. I have struggled with how to get this information out to more people, and now, thanks to modern technological advances, I can at last, reach tons more people!

We all know someone who suffers from back pain, and these days, it’s difficult to find anyone who hasn’t at some point “tweaked” their back. The resulting pain can range from being mildly uncomfortable to totally debilitating. This pain can even show up after a very minor injury and then hang around for years! When we resort to taking drugs for the pain, that generally just masks the symptoms, rather than addressing the cause of the pain.

With my course, “Top 7 Exercises to Prevent Low Back Pain,” you can finally start to address the causes and not just mask the symptoms, with actionable steps that examine:

  • The mechanics of your body
  • Getting your posture right
  • Specific exercises for each of the most common alignment imbalances
  • The danger of sitting all day and how to combat those effects
  • Relaxation techniques
  • And lots more…

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In short, my approach is to look at your entire body during this course. We’ll not simply target the symptoms of your pain, but what you may be doing on a regular basis that is causing your back pain to flare up. This is what is done in Functional Medicine, and is the approach I use to help my clients as well.

Back pain makes us feel miserable, but becoming addicted to opioids is a really bad tradeoff. With “Top 7 Exercises to Prevent Low Back Pain” anyone can relieve their low back pain without becoming hooked on potentially dangerous painkilling drugs.

This multimedia program includes fully described exercises, with photos in the course book, as well as video demonstrations, with lots of modifications so that they can be done by, virtually, anyone.

Isn’t it time for you to say goodbye to YOUR back pain?

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Here’s one of my videos that shows you just one of the many ways to protect your back and prevent back pain. Check it out, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you’ll get notified of all the many videos I upload to help you live without pain.

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