What Did I Come In Here For?

What Did I Come In Here For? March 18, 2015Leave a comment

storm cloudsHow is your short term memory these days? Long term memories, like movies and songs from our childhood, seem to stay with us. But how often during the week do you walk into a room to get something and forget exactly what it was that you went in there for? I find myself doing that too. Often, it has more to do with stress than memory loss – especially since I know people in their 30’s who do it too! And my own long term memory is filled with memories of going into a grocery store and forgetting what I was supposed to buy when I got there…

Here is a way to improve our short term memory. Do EVERYTHNG with mindfulness. Keep your focus totally centered on what you are doing from the moment you get out of bed.

Start by noticing the feel of your feet on the floor as you get out of bed. Take a moment to look at your bed and thank it for giving you a good night’s sleep. Feel each step as you walk to the bathroom, listen to the sounds in the house, smell the scents from last night’s dinner from the kitchen. Bring mindfulness into brushing your teeth. Take a good look at the toothpaste, smell it, pay attention to how much you put on your brush, the noise your brush makes, and how many minutes you brush. How often do you rinse while brushing and flossing? Keep your focus totally centered on what you are doing.

When you begin, you’ll slip back into unconscious movement and tasks, but whenever you realize you’ve slipped, bring yourself back to total focus and involvement with the moment and task at hand.

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