The Longest Year of Our Lives is Ending – What’s Next?

The Longest Year of Our Lives is Ending – What’s Next? December 27, 2020Leave a comment

In a couple of days, we’ll be entering 2021 – at last. It does seem like this year has lasted longer than 365 days, doesn’t it? We were not used to staying at home, wearing masks, not being able to eat out, etc. It’s been a long, rough year for all.

Some of us have lost friends or family members to this epidemic, some have been ill and recovered, some are still having side effects of the dreaded COVID 19.

Surely, most of the intentions that we set for ourselves for 2020 were lost under the Tsunami wave that is COVID, racial injustices, and the energy of fear and hate that we’ve been bombarded with by the news media, if we chose to watch it.

So, how do we make goals or intentions for 2021, when we know that there is no time line for this epidemic and the restrictions that come along with it, because it will still be months into the new year before the vaccine is available in sufficient supplies for the general population?

First, let’s start the New Year off with the words from my favorite Sanskrit song “May the entire universe be filled with peace and joy, love and light!””  I will add, “and good health,” to that mantra! Repeat it a few times and breathe deeply for a moment…

Now, for just a few moments, let’s focus on our health.

Never before in our lifetime has our health been of such huge concern. COVID-19 has made many of us rethink the patterns and habits in our daily lives, especially those that affect our health. We think more, now, about what stress does to our bodies, we talk with friends and family about boosting our immune systems, spending more time outside in nature, learning meditation, improving our brain and heart health.

I can tell you that most of our gorgeous hiking areas here in the Berkshires are more crowded than ever and not just on weekends! I’ve seen people use this time of distancing to become more physically active, to take a course and add to their knowledge and skills, and to keep both brain and body in better shape.

Wait – Hasn’t much of this been on our goal list almost every year for the last several?!

So, what will your New Year’s resolutions, intentions, or goals be for 2021?  Have you thought about them yet?

Let’s make this the year that we don’t use those same old tired resolutions. Let’s take a moment to think about what we’d really, truly, LOVE to be doing and to have in our lives in 2021! Let’s sit with it for a few days and simply breathe…

Today I have a few tips and tools for you, not only on how to decide what you truly want, but how to simplify and phrase your goals this year, to have the best possible outcome.

  1. Before you begin this year, set aside the time to ask yourself what you’d REALLY love to have, be, do in 2021. Then sit down and write anything that pops into your mind. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes for this process. Read the list a couple of times and think about each thing you wrote down; this will help you understand what’s truly in your heart. Then narrow the list down to two or three – no more than three.
  2. Words matter! When you word your goal, take your time with it and word it in a way that is not only more positive, but will also make you FEEL excited about the process! For instance, instead of making a goal to work out at the gym daily and lose 10 lbs., try “I am so excited to be meeting my friend Jane twice a week for walks/hikes together. We’ll be able to catch up on what’s going on in our lives, laugh and enjoy the time together AND become more fit!” Doesn’t that sound better? And twice a week is doable. Are you getting the idea?
  3. Use visualization to combat that “Wicked” inner voice. You know the one who sits on your shoulder and tells you that you have no willpower, or that you’re not motivated enough, or you’re too busy to work out, or whatever you hear her saying. When she begins her monologue, see her as the wicked witch of the west and melt her with a bucket of water, or use your magic wand like Harry Potter and turn her into a butterfly, or any visualization that will make you smile or laugh. That’s the key to stopping her in her tracks!

These and many more exercises and tips are included in my upcoming course on using the new brain science of neuroplasticity to help us meet our goals, improve our brain health, physical health, and much, much, more. This is an exciting new field that can make new learning fun and enjoyable, so you continue to improve your health, and daily life for many more years to come. I have a 98% success rate for people meeting their goals using the teachings in this course, and would love to  help you meet all of yours, so that you too can live a vibrant second act!

Find more information HERE or email me with any questions and I’ll be happy to schedule a chat with you.

As my cousin said in her holiday card to me – “Stay Positive and Test Negative!”

Meanwhile, here is a short video of me taking time to just “BE” in nature…

Best of Health,


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