Do You Suffer From Smartphone Neck?

Do You Suffer From Smartphone Neck? March 26, 2019Leave a comment

Wonder why neck and shoulder injuries and pain are on the rise? 

Not a surprise if we take a step back and watch all the people around us sitting in their cars with their head down as they text - hopefully in a parking lot! Or, having to get out of the way of people walking along looking at their smartphones instead of where they are going. I recently saw a young woman in NY walk right into a pole as she was hurrying down the street looking at her phone…

And, cellphones aren’t the only cause for our pain in the neck. Auto manufactures’ make car seats that actually hurt my back when I sit in them; furniture makers advertise recliners like they’re the best thing since sliced bread, but ask your chiropractor about yours and she’ll suggest that you take it to the dump!

So, what's the answer? Well, we all love our new technology, and it's so much more convenient than the older phones were, so how about we train ourselves to do a few simple neck stretches throughout the day to help our muscles relax and stay healthy? This is a simple solution that doesn’t require you to stop using your beloved technology!

Get out your appointment book right now, and make a daily appointment with yourself for stretching your neck. In fact, make two – once in the morning and again in the afternoon. You deserve a few minutes a day for self-care!

So, fellow Baby Boomers, what Neck and Shoulder issues do you have? I can’t stop the clock for you, but in the coming weeks I’m going to offer you a solution to rid yourself of those annoying ache and pains. Keep watching here, more good news to come…

Until then, I’m including a short video today that’s a sample of what will be coming your way in a couple of weeks when my next multimedia course is ready to launch!

Today’s exercise is a quick and easy stretch that you can do, anywhere, anytime, to release tension in your neck and shoulders. Make this the exercise you do at your self-care appointment for the next couple of weeks and see for yourself how much better you feel!

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