Fireworks, Picnics and S’Mores!

Fireworks, Picnics and S’Mores! June 28, 2021Leave a comment

It’s the end of June – how did that happen?!

Last week, I had to turn on the heat in my Yoga studio, because I refuse to wear fleece pants and a jacket to teach Pilates and Yoga… Mother Nature is quite a jokester.

Later this week we’ll be celebrating the 4th of July here in the US, the birth of our country.  Traditionally, it’s a time for picnics, fireworks, and in my part of the US – S’mores!

Do you know how to make a s’more? Here’s my way.

First, you need a campfire and a long, strong stick.

You put a marshmallow on the end of the stick and toast it in the fire. Now, it’s an art to toast that marshmallow without burning it, but it can be done. If at first you don’t succeed, dump it in the fire and try again!

Once you have your perfectly toasted marshmallow, place it on a graham cracker, put a piece of chocolate on top of the hot marshmallow so it melts a bit, add another graham cracker on top of that, and squish it all together like a sandwich.

Wait until it’s not so hot, and take a big bite! Yummmmmmm.

I know there are prepackaged items in stores these days called s’mores, but they are not the same as making one yourself. Just as there’s nothing like eating a fresh tomato that you just picked from your garden, there’s nothing like a freshly made, warm, s’more! And for those of us who have gone gluten free, there are some gluten free graham crackers that taste pretty good!

Speaking of fresh veggies that are so readily available at this time of year, want to try a new recipe to make for your holiday picnic? Here’s one that I have found delicious – Caprese Salad Kabobs!

Since July is also National Healthy Vision Month, today’s video is an eye exercise that is great for your eyes and has helped many of my clients to reduce “floaters.” Enjoy!

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