Help For Your Pain In The Butt!

Help For Your Pain In The Butt! June 13, 20172 Comments

Have you been diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome?

Do you have Sciatica and are not sure of the cause?

Let me tell you a story about a really thick muscle that can cause a lot of misery if you don’t take good care of it.

The Piriformis stretches from the bottom of your hip, across the center of your butt cheek, to the lower spine. We use it to rotate our hip and to turn our leg outward. It sits on top of a section of our sciatic nerve. So, if you’ve ever had sciatic pain, you know how debilitating it can be. That nasty pain travels from your lower spine, all the way down your leg when it’s tense or tight, and you’re in excruciating pain – right?!

It’s not so hard to keep your Piriformis strong and flexible, though.

Here’s a massage that will help to relieve your pain:

Place a ball or your fist under the butt cheek of your extended left leg. Place your right foot on the floor, bend the right leg, and use your right foot to roll yourself around on the ball until you feel the exact location on your butt cheek where the pain is most intense. Massage that area until the pain lets up. It will be painful while you are rolling on that spot, but breathe deeply and keep going, you’ll be glad you did! I don’t recommend tennis balls because they’re too hard, so try something softer, or use your fist. Make sure that you always massage both sides – even when your pain is only on one side. When one side is more flexible than the other, you will have pain, so fixing one will throw the other side off.

Another great stretch to keep your piriformis flexible and healthy is Sleeping Pigeon.

 Here is a link to that one.

These are both simple things you can do every day in order to prevent that terrible pain from interfering with your life. You deserve to be pain free!

Let me know if you have any questions about these or other exercises for sciatic pain.

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  1. I been experiencing this bad pain from my right side of My butt across my back n down my right leg to my foot,it started from a fall I had in 2015 after I went to the Dr. n he had x ray n MRI done n they kep saying arthritis but I kept telling them it was something else because it didn’t start until o fell so finally in2017 my dr gave persuasion to go to Jackson to see a special neutrology n i did he took X-rays n he showed my spine was shifed to the right ,bugle disk in my back n the nerve in my buttt was damage,I was given injection in my butt down to the nerve n in my back after I got home for awhile the bad pain came back and it was getting worse,I didn’t know what I was going to do just keep praying to the Lord to help me with this bad pain it hurted so bad,I couldn’t sleep I got so I couldn’t bare to put my right down on the floor it gutted me to walk get up and down I couldn’t do anything I was even taking pain medicine to keep the pain down and it didn’t work,even pain patches n expensive cream didn’t work but I found a temporary solution my daughter gave me called ice mint gel this is the only thing helping me right now I am using ,I can walk,move without any pain but I don’t have the money to keep buying the product, I need to stock up on it but I struggling right now but I pray the Dr find a solution because it ia bad feeling can’t do anything for yourself

    1. Hello Joyce,
      I am sorry that you are going through so much pain. Have you attempted to see another Dr. and get a second opinion? That’s always a first step if you are not seeing relief. Also ask a new doc to set you up with physical therapy – perhaps that will help. There are a lot of options. You do not need to continue in pain simply because one doc doesn’t have the answers for you. Keep searching!

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