In The Mood For Some GOOD News?

In The Mood For Some GOOD News? August 24, 2020Leave a comment

Good morning,

With bad news headlines hitting us constantly these days, I thought I’d share a couple of good news articles with you today, and then open a discussion about how to find joy in difficult times.

Butterflies in the UK have been brought back from extinction!

Scientists worked for 40 years with butterfly larvae from Europe and have, at last, released the beautiful big blue butterflies into their new habitat in the wild. Hurray for Science!

The next share is an inspiring story of a WW2 vet who is running across America. He’s 97 years old and wants to be the oldest person ever to do so!  WOW! He’s already gone from California to the Georgia shore – West coast to East coast and then he turned around and is headed back to California – still running!

He started this adventure to raise money for a memorial to his fellow shipmates from the war, but this journey has been so much more!  Many people have run with him for a leg of the run and listened to his stories, learned something about our nation’s history, and have given him hope for our future. He plans to finish up on the west coast in time for his 101st birthday. What an inspiration! The next time I grumble about getting out of bed in the morning with an achy knee, I’ll think of him, and smile…

And, speaking of getting out of bed in the morning, the events of the last several months in the US have made me wish I could just sleep until Spring of next year like Rip Van Winkle…

Are you feeling the strain as well? If so, share what inspires you to get out of bed and maybe what you do to find joy in your daily life during these challenging times?

It there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that we humans have an amazing capacity to inspire and encourage each other! And, smiles can be contagious!

Let’s all share what we’re doing to make our lives easier, or at least more pleasant. Maybe your share will be just the thing that lifts someone else’s spirits!

Being out in nature is definitely my “go to” for when I’m feeling a bit down. Watching the humming birds flit about, listening to the hundreds of birds around my yard sing, or peck, or watching them hunt for bugs, is so relaxing. I am blessed to live in the beautiful Berkshires, I know.

Here is a video of my hummingbirds, so that you can enjoy them too, and also a video of a simple self-care practice that can make you feel better in just a few minutes.

Best of Health,


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