Treats For Mother’s Day

Treats For Mother’s Day May 7, 20192 Comments

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day in the United States – are you ready?

What I have found over the years is that the item that many grown kids think is Mom’s favorite gift, is not really what she’d like to have the most. In spite of what Hallmark tells us, maybe flowers aren’t her thing. Maybe she’d simply like a visit from her children…

So, let’s put together a list, ladies!  What is your favorite gift to receive!? Is it flowers, candy, or a spa day?

Put yours in the comments below and we can all share them with each other.

Mine is most definitely a massage. And I don’t care if it’s from my daughter, a friend who gives good back rubs, or a paid for treat from a real massage therapist.

Now, let’s hear yours!

One of the things I often find is that many moms don’t seem to make time for their own self-care. That can mean anything from making sure that you eat well, hydrate enough, spend a few minutes each day in peace and calm, or even learning how to say no once in a while. Something happens when our children arrive and we are so taken up with their care – even after they can start to take on some of it themselves, that we forget about taking care of ourselves.

Often, human moms are referred to as mama bears. “Don’t mess with my kids or the bear claws come out!,” and similar refrains. But, let’s take a look at the animal kingdom. Mama bears, and eagles, and others all feed themselves first and then feed the kids. Instinct tells them that their babies will not survive if they are ill or weak. It’s the same for us. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Well, it’s true. Who will take care of our kids, parents, siblings, etc. if we become ill from the stress of taking care of everyone else but ourselves?

These days there are women with kids still in high school or college who are also taking care of an elderly relative with dementia. That’s a LOT of stress!

Here are a few self-care ideas that take only a few minutes, yet can make a huge difference:

  • Take three minutes for some deep breathing twice a day – even if that means you shut yourself in the bathroom, sit on the throne (you are the queen of your life), and count to four while inhaling, count to six on your exhale and repeat several times. This will slow down your breathing, which in turn helps to clear your mind and reduce those stress hormones flowing through your body. You deserve this!
  • Make a new habit of purchasing a healthy snack for yourself when you grocery shop from now on. Something like an apple, which is high in fiber, to fill you up. You can slice it into chunks and munch away. Clementines are sweet and delicious, contain fiber and potassium which helps to refresh you, and they are already separated into slices. Quick and easy nutrition that you can eat on the run instead of candy, potato chips or other snacks that you know are bad for you. Make a decision to take care of YOU today!
  • Below is a video of a quick and easy breathing practice that can restore your energy and help you focus better. Try it with me now!

All of these things are simple, take very little time, yet yield health benefits that you, both, need and deserve.

Best of Health,



  1. I would like a mother’s ring with my husband’s and my birthstones in the middle and our 5 children’s stones on either side.

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