Prepare For The Holidays? NOT!

Prepare For The Holidays? NOT! November 4, 2015Leave a comment

IMG_0347Now that Halloween is over, the rest of the holidays will come sliding in at a speed to rival a tornado in the midwest. Hold on to your hats! 

When people ask me if I am ready for the holidays, I cringe; I’ve never met anyone who is ready. We cannot be “prepared for” the process of fitting a year’s worth of cooking, baking, and visiting into two months! Using that phrase is setting yourself up to feel continually behind the eight ball. Let’s change our words, maybe say that we plan to enjoy the holidays!

Thanksgiving is the first of the holidays we’ll see here in the US and with it comes an overabundance of food, and family members attempting to out do their last year’s offering with yet another take on Gramma’s turkey dressing. Here’s an idea. Let’s go back to the days when it was simply a meal for sharing with friends and family – a celebration of the fall harvest. Make simpler offerings this year. A turkey roasted with plain bread stuffing. Gravy made from the pan drippings and no chemical additives like “Gravy Master.” How about steamed fresh string beans to replace the high fat green bean casserole which I’m pretty sure wasn’t at that first Thanksgiving… Use the Garlic Mashed Potato recipe I previously posted, or roast your potatoes in with the turkey and add some fall squash, turnips, and carrots. Think how much easier that will be with all the vegetables in the same pot as the turkey!

After so many years of making complicated meals, it might be difficult to make these changes, but at least try one or two that will give you more time to enjoy your family and friends, and maybe even guide everyone in a walk around the neighborhood after dinner! Making this holiday less stressful is your choice. Choose well, grasshopper!

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