OK, Ladies – Are YOU Ready To Transform?!

OK, Ladies – Are YOU Ready To Transform?! September 24, 2019Leave a comment

How many years have you spent taking care of everyone else – kids, elderly parents, other family members, the people you serve in your career?

Have you forgotten about YOU?

Time to take care of yourself. But where do you begin?

Many of the women who have attended my weight loss course, recently, have discovered that they’ve lost themselves somewhere along life’s journey. Their own needs have come last, in a long list of “to dos,” for so many years that they never got around to taking care of themselves. Now it’s difficult to figure out where to start…

Seeing the joy on their faces as they realize that they CAN change, they CAN lose weight, say ”no” once in a while, or remember that they loved to play the piano or sing, or… has made me want to help as many women as I can begin down that same path.

Here are a couple of testimonials that give you a sense of the transformation awaiting you:

“I’m writing to let you know I found your recent class most enlightening. Many of the tools you’ve taught us are being incorporated in my daily life and are having a positive effect on it. I particularly find the EFT helpful. I’ve also begun meditating as part of my daily routine. I find it leads naturally into prayer for me. Through use of these tools, and others you’ve taught us, my daily life is enriched. I’m dealing more calmly with daily life stress, including a sometimes cantankerous elderly aunt, I’ve lost five pounds, and perhaps my most uplifting success… I’ve returned to playing the piano and even singing, I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy both and how challenging and uplifting they are to me. In a nutshell, this course is opening my life in a very positive way. I look forward to using these tools and adding more goals and successes to my life.  Thank you for all you’ve done for us.”  Jeanne

“This course was very informative and interesting. I came away with answers to questions I had about brain health, and insight into new ways of problem solving. The techniques to use for helping us reach our goals were concise and easy to learn. Thanks for keeping so much learning so simple! The course was enjoyable, fun and should be taught to many others. You are a terrific teacher Kathi, and I am so glad to know you! Wish you all good things!”  Randi

At Randi’s request, and because I want everyone to have access to these tools, I have decided to offer my course at a half price. I want these results for you and for your sister, your friends, daughters…

Want to get back in touch with who you are, what you want now, your purpose for the next half of your life, and move forward with joy and serenity?

Click HERE to sign up now!

If you missed any of the videos that I shared recently with a sampling of the tools we use in this course, HERE is a link to the first one. Watch any that you missed in this YouTube playlist to get a feel for what you can accomplish!

The course will begin with a three hour session on Oct. 10th at 2 pm. We’ll cover modules 1,2,3 which will get you all set up with an achievable, well thought out, and optimally worded goal!

Thereafter, we’ll meet from 3 to 4 pm, for the next five Thursdays. Each week you’ll have a clear understanding of the tools you’ll be practicing during the week.

We’ll end just before Thanksgiving so you can start off your Holiday Season on a better foot!

Can’t wait to help you find YOU again, succeed at your health goals, and enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life!

Here’s a video with another sample of the tools you’ll be using to begin enjoying the second half of YOUR life.

Best of Health,


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