Fight COVID-19 with Exercise!

Fight COVID-19 with Exercise! June 1, 2020Leave a comment

Happy Summer! Let’s get out there and exercise!

According to Harvard Health, regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, helps control body weight, and protects against a variety of diseases. Exercise contributes to general good health and therefore to a healthy immune system. It may contribute even more directly to our ability to fight viruses by promoting good circulation, which allows the cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely and do their job efficiently.

In addition, exercising creates endorphins. Endorphins relieve pain and stress. Has there ever been a better time for stress relief?

Quarantine is not a time to give up your exercise regime. In fact, it’s a really good time to explore a new one, or adding to your old one. From hiking, biking, yoga, Pilates, and rebounding, to kettle balls and bodyweight exercises, the universe is inviting us to up our workout game. Why not try something new this month?  You may find something you’d love to keep long after this epidemic is over.

I know someone who used to run several times a week to keep fit until one of his knees said “please don’t do that anymore!”  Then he took up biking, and loves it! He’s joined a group of people who bike twice a week during the summer. And even though the group biking is not happening currently, due to COVID-19, there are a few in the group who ride, with one other person, in the woods on trails where you can keep your distance and still enjoy company on your ride.

Staying active is essential. Let’s do this!

Challenging times, teamed up with sincere intention, can become the best catalyst for personal transformation. Let’s transform together!

Life is going to look different for a while, but different doesn’t mean bad. Think of this period as an opportunity to explore new physical, mental, and spiritual tools

For instance, walking in nature is good for the soul as well as the body. How often do we complain about not having the time to go for walk or a hike, or…? Well, now we have time!

How about beach yoga, yes, beach yoga! So as the beaches open up – with social distancing regulations in place, try a class.

We’re all doing virtual classes now through Zoom and other technology, so if that would interest you, try a Pilates, Tai Chi, or Yoga class.

My own Zoom class schedule is HERE – check it out, and let me know if you’d like to try a class. Everyone gets to try one for free before signing up!

I have a new class that might interest you on Thursday morning at 9. It’s a beginners Yoga class combined with learning the language of yoga. In this class, along with our regular exercises, we take one pose each week and spend a little extra time in the pose contemplating what the pose is all about, what it says to us, etc., and then journaling our thoughts and discussing anything that came up.  It’s quite an interesting class, and we’re learning a lot about both yoga and ourselves!

In today’s video, I include a funny looking way to hike uphill, but one that makes it soooooo much easier to do an uphill hike when you have knee issues. Enjoy!


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