And The Winner Is…

Thank you for sharing your lovely sunset photos! Wasn't that fun? It was difficult to choose, but, the winning photo is below – Congratulations Johanna Dube! I'll get an autographed copy of "STOP Back Pain!" out to you right away. Lately, lots of people are asking about brain health, and foods tha...


Have You Heard of International Yoga Day?

Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago, now that's staying power! On December 11, 2014, The United Nations declared June 21, to be International Yoga Day. This date was selected because it is the longest day of the year and holds special significance in many cultures. Cool! It's also pretty ...


Balance an Egg on its tip on the Solstice!

My Aunt Millie could balance an egg on its end on the summer Solstice. She insisted that everyone could do it, but only on that day. As kids, we could never manage it at all. As an adult, I looked it up, and sure enough, you should be able to do this; BUT on any […]