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Help For Your Pain In The Butt!

Have you been diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome? Do you have Sciatica and are not sure of the cause? Let me tell you a story about a really thick muscle that can cause a lot of misery if you don’t take good care of it. The Piriformis stretches from the bottom of your hip, across the […]


Fun Exercise To Relax Your Lower Back

Let's spend a few minutes looking for Dory on the bottom of the sea! Yes, you heard that right. This exercise is called "Sea Weed Legs" and it's a fun way to remove the tension in your lower back. You can even do it with the grandkids for a fun activity to share; they'll love […]


Is Being “Pain Free” Really Possible?

Is Being "Pain Free" Really Possible? That depends on what those words mean to you. Do I wake up with aches and a bit stiff sometimes? You betcha! I didn't get to be an adventurous 65 year old without sprains and breaks at some point. BUT, am I pain free? YES! Because I know exactly […]