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Your Back Pain Is NOT In Your Head Or, Is It?…

Almost everyone deals with back pain at some time during their life, and sometimes, when the reason is not obvious, we can be made to feel like we are imagining it. BUT, usually, we are not. Certainly, there are times when physiological pain can be exacerbated by a stressful situation, but in this d...


Ouch! My Aching Back!

The feedback I have been getting from you all lately has been quite gratifying! Each month, I write two posts, with information that I have thoroughly researched and I know it will help you lead healthier lives. Much of what I share has to do with living without pain because I believe that no one [&...


Do You Know Your Psoas!?

Today, I'd like to get back to my series of videos on how unevenness in our pelvic area can cause some pretty nasty back pain, and what you can do about it. Our previous discussions revolved around having one hip higher than the other and a simple exercise that you can do to remedy that; […]


Is Your Butt Tight?

Is there such a thing as a “too tight butt”? I couldn't resist asking that one, but the answer is, YES; especially when one cheek is tighter than the other. Perhaps you have a diagnosis of Piriformis Syndrome? Well, that's what this diagnosis means. Your piriformis muscle on one side is tighter ...


Are You Off Balance?

Is your doctor still handing out pain meds like they're the only solution that works for back pain? Well, I’m here to tell you that you have other options that are safer! Today, I'll be starting a conversation about how your hip/pelvic area becomes uneven, and what you can do about it. Over the ne...


Pilates Proven To Help Back Pain!

So many people with back and or neck pain, and so many options for relief that they have not been told about... It’s frustrating when you go your doctor, get an examination and a referral to a specialist, then go through more test and exams with that doc – sometimes after waiting months for your...