Brahmari Breath is another practice which I use regularly. Brahmari relieves anxiety, calms the mind and can alleviate anger; reduces blood pressure, and helps with insomnia. The combination of blocking your ears while humming your exhale for Brahmari breath creates a vibration in the brain, specifically where the pituitary gland is. The Pituitary releases endorphins into the body. Endorphins not only make us feel good, they also reduce harmful levels of stress hormones like cortisol.

The Pituitary Gland is located above the roof of the mouth and directly between the ears at the very center of the skull.

**Closing off the ears so the humming is heard inside the head, is important.

Begin by sitting comfortably. Relax your shoulders, lengthen your spine all the way up through the neck, then raise your hands and place the pointer fingers or thumbs over the flaps which will close off your ears when exhaling. Make sure you have your tongue resting gently against the roof of your mouth to avoid clenching your teeth. A slight separation between upper and lower teeth with lips closed is usually most comfortable. Keep your lips closed throughout the exercise. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, then, keeping your mouth closed, exhale making a humming noise while blocking off your ears by pressing the little flap closed. Try to make your humming exhale as long as possible and take deep inhalations between breaths. Making the exhale longer and longer each time, complete at least three rounds (3 inhalations and 3 exhalations). If you do this practice for 3 – 5 minutes three times or more a day, you can significantly lower your blood pressure. Practicing before bed will bring you a more restful sleep. And kids like to do it so if you need to help your children with the occasional meltdown or anger management, hum away!

Enjoy the peace!

Do this exercise along with me here!