Ultimate Pilates Program

Kathi’s Complete Pilates Program

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pilates with Acupressure DVDs

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  • This program contains everything you’ll need to learn and progress into a complete Pilates practice. Kathi starts by giving you a rock solid foundation of basics, to correctly and safely begin Pilates. You’ll learn each exercise in detail, complete with modifications, so anyone can do these fabulous exercises
  • When you’re comfortable, you’ll move into the intermediate program – building on your Pilates experience and challenging your core body. You’ll find muscles that you didn’t even know you had! Kathi’s leg series quickly builds lean muscle in your thighs, and her ab series will get rid of the flab once and for all!
  • Finally, you’ll take the next step to a complete Pilates workout. Kathi has included a strength training section, using your own body weight to tone your upper body, building a more challenging Pilates practice. Kathi combines the traditional Pilates 100’s with the Roll Up and Teaser – working lateral, lower and upper abs, legs and buttocks at the same time!
  • Then double the benefit of your workout with Acupressure Point stimulation! Pilates builds “core” body strength and acupressure enhances your resistance to colds and flu. A perfect combination to get the maximum benefit for the least amount of effort. DVD includes a link to a handout with illustrations and information regarding the specific Acupressure Points used and their benefits.

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