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60 Days To Take Back Your Life!

Would you like to invite more ENERGY into your life?

How about more FUN?

Maybe a more ideal WEIGHT?

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“60 Days To Better Health,”  will eliminate your anxiety about gaining weight as your body changes during and after menopause, improve your mood and energy levels and provide you with the tools you need for a new lease on life!

Want to learn mindfulness techniques? - no problem!

How about tools for getting rid of chronic pain - you've got it!

Discover why you can't lose weight no matter what diet you try - you betcha!

Here’s how this program works:

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get my in-depth intake and assessment that we’ll go over in our first hour long, one on one session. This assessment is designed to get to the real cause of your inability to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. I look at you as a whole person to discover what is going on in your life so that we can work on EXACTLY what YOU need.

* We’ll create a crystal clear vision of your ideal “healthy aging” self.

* Uncover the hidden challenges that are currently sabotaging your efforts. hint - It's not that you don't have any willpower, or life is simply too stressful...

* Restore your energy, vitality and, most importantly self confidence!

For the next 60 days, we'll meet via Face time, Skype, or in person each week,  for your 20 minute custom designed coaching session. There will be homework for you to do between sessions, so make sure you are committed to working on your success!

You’ll experience new techniques like EFT, Energy Healing, Re-framing, and more. You’ll make a few simple, yet powerful, lifestyle changes and learn how to fit "you" time easily into your daily life without feeling deprived or taking time away from your family. For example, you brush your teeth twice a day every day, right? Why not try a little balance exercise while brushing that also improves blood flow in your brain?

Change can be simple

What are you waiting for?

YOUR Success Is Achievable!

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Here's what some of my clients have shared:

"Kathi helped me more in one session than I got from three years of therapy!"  Anonymous in Connecticut

" I had no idea that the back pain I've had for years was the result of a my compensation for a broken ankle that had healed long ago! What a shame the doctors don't look at the whole person the way Kathi does!"   Ruth

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Compare that to a gym and/or weight loss membership, and don’t even mention hormone replacement therapy! This is a true bargain! Plus the results will stay with you forever, because you will have made lifestyle changes you can live with, that fit into your daily schedule. You’ll feel great and renew your commitment to living a long and healthy life!

How much is a new lease on life worth?

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