Personalized Coaching

60 Days To Take Back Your Life!

More Energy, More Calm,
And A More Ideal Weight, In Just 60 Days.

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“60 Days To Better Health,” will eliminate your anxiety about gaining weight over 40, improve your mood and energy levels and provide you with the tools you need for a new lease on life!

Want to learn mindfulness techniques? - no problem!

How about tools for getting rid of chronic pain - you've got it!


Here’s how it works:

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get my in-depth intake and assessment that we’ll go over in our first hour long, one on one session.

* We’ll create a crystal clear vision of your ideal “healthy aging” self.

* Uncover the hidden challenges that are currently sabotaging your efforts.

* Restore your energy, vitality and self confidence!

For 60 days, each week, your custom designed coaching sessions will be 20 minutes long via phone or Skype.

You’ll experience new techniques, you’ll make a few simple yet powerful lifestyle changes and you’ll learn new strategies that fit easily into your daily life without making you feel deprived or taking time away from your family.

What are you waiting for?

YOUR Success Is Achievable!

Your investment: $399

Summer Special Only $299!

Compare that to a gym and/or weight loss membership, and don’t even mention hormone replacement therapy! This is a true bargain! Plus the results will stay with you forever, because you will have made lifestyle changes you can live with, that fit into your daily schedule. You’ll feel great and renew your commitment to living a long and healthy life!

How much is a new you worth?

Mimi Loves Her Personalized Health Coaching!